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Save browsing information by using the Joomla Cookie Control Extension!

With Cookies, websites can maintain your login status, remember website preferences and deliver content relevant to a user’s location. Therefore, we would like to show you a collection of useful Joomla Cookie Control Extension you can use on your site. Take it a look now!

Cookies Policy Notification Bar

Cookies Policy Notification Bar is fully customizable, so your cookie notification bar integrates perfectly with the rest of your site. Moreover, this extension offers many possibilities and has good design. It is important to note that it efficiently blocks all cookies. There’s everything you need to have a cookie policy full GDPR compliant.

Cookies Policy Notification Bar


  • Set the time that the cookie expires
  • 3 Options for the ‘More Info’ button
  • Able to display a table with the accepted website cookies
  • Font Color, Link Color supported
  • Enter your custom CSS code
  • and more.


  • Multilingual support
  • Easy to configure
  • work right.


CookieHint is good and simple Joomla Cookie Control Extension you can try to use because of its functionality. Furthermore, this Joomla Cookie Control Extension has a storage life of the confirmation cookie that allows you to set how long the confirmation of the cookie notification is valid. This is a great option if you need a cookie tool.



  • Link to your imprint, disclaimer or privacy policy
  • Set up a decline button
  • Specify the design of the cookie notice via CSS files
  • Translation ready
  • and more.


  • Excellent extension
  • Look great
  • Perfect documentation.

Cookies CK

Cookies CK maybe works exactly what you ask with a lot of professional features, for example, ability to put the banner at the top or bottom of the page. In addition, the extension places a cookies agreement banner across your website following EU law.

Cookies Ck


  • Set an article ID for the read more link
  • Color options in the plugin admin panel
  • Set your value for the cookie lifetime
  • Use the styling interface
  • Write your text by editing the language files
  • and more.


  • Fast and simple
  • Work perfectly
  • Great tool.

JoomBall Cookies

JoomBall Cookies is a must-have Joomla Cookie Notice that makes it easy for you to show the text very well and allow the link of an article. It is very easy to understand its settings and customize your messages.  Especially, you can get the confirmation without reloading the page.

Joomball Cookies


  • Available a position like Top, Bottom
  • Allow Color Link
  • Add  Additional Information
  • Languages support
  • and more.


  • Useful extension
  • Simple to use
  • Work fine.

 MK EU Cookie

MK EU Cookie is another popular Joomla Cookie Notice that gives information to site guests. You can use it for Policy Cookie, EU Cookie for instance, or just give a one-time publicizing to your clients when they visit particular pages.  It is also fully customizable with Joomla fields and build-in color picker.

Mk Eu Cookie


  • Choose a color for the overlay
  • Modal design to show a message box
  • The basic style displays a more discrete message
  • Select cookie’s duration
  • and more.


In DJ-CookieMonster, there are 2 panels, a pop-up window on the center of the screen or below. Additionally, this Joomla Cookie Notice also has a lot of design theme and the possibility of the module insertion. You also can use a cookie to manage the reminder, for example, show the message every 15 or 30 days.



  • Select one of 4 different display styles
  • Enable test mode while testing the setup
  • Display it in the system message box
  • Make the message fixed
  • and more.


  • Several design themes
  • Excellent support
  • Easy to use.

eorisis Cookie Bar

eorisis Cookie Bar is also one of the beautiful Joomla Cookie Control Extension we want to mention in this article. You are able to set custom Module CSS classes and z-index through the extension or disable loading the Stylesheet. Besides, each module instance can have its own settings or use Global plugin settings.

Eorisis Cookie Bar


  • EU GDPR Compliant
  • Positioning options for Top / Bottom, Fixed / Absolute.
  • Set a Slide and/or Fade Out effect
  • Change the default Ajax query string
  • Supports template overrides
  • and more.


  • Great support
  • Work perfectly
  • Simple to setup.

Cookie Notifications Builder

Cookie Notifications Builder is a special Joomla Cookie Notice that will help you to improve and develop your website better.  It can show various notices on various pages and characterize a default notice that will show on the entirety of your pages. It also enables guests to your site to deal with their cookies and helping you to be completely compliant with the recent EU Cookie Legislation.

Cookie Notifications Builder


  • 30+ Type of Animations for your notifications
  • Add any HTML text into the notification
  • insert maps, videos, iframes, images and text contents
  • Choose from 6 different notification colors
  • and more.


EU-Cookies allows you to customize the most parts of the module including position, background, font, text color and wording. This Joomla Cookie Control Extension also gives you checkbox status basic settings customizable or background color freely customizable.



  • Font selectable
  • Checkbox status basic settings customizable
  • Note text freely customizable for users
  • Confirmation button can only be displayed as text
  • Own code usable for Google Analytics
  • and more.


  • Quite cheap
  • Simple extension
  • Many features.


To sum up, we hope you can choose the most suitable Joomla Cookie Control Extension for your site. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and get more nice free Joomla templates!

Please leave a comment below if you have any question! Thank you for reading!


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