Welcome to new Dedicated Ticket System. We just launched new support system for our customers, more dedicated and secured. If you still have old ticket, please resubmit new ticket.

If you have any technical issues need to be resolved, before submitting a ticket to our technical support, please refer to our FAQs section to see if there’s a solution there. In case your problem is not mentioned, please feel free to submit a ticket, our technical support is always ready to solve it. It’s our pleasure to be with you!

In order to get fast support from our team, please provide site address and admin login (it’s private info and only You and our staff can see it), after solve problem, you can change the password.

In case you’re working on Localhost (your PC), please provide details with screenshots about problems.

Happy with our Support Service?, you can make donate for our Support Team, just a cup of caffe or a Pizza 🙂

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