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Using the collection of 9 best Joomla Development Extension In 2021 to develop your site effectively!

Today, we bring you 9 wonderful Joomla Development Extension to help you achieve your business objectives and digital success. Whether you wish to develop a web application or an eCommerce website, they fulfill your requirement completely.

1. EasyCreator [ Free Download]

EasyCreator is a tool designed for developers. It speeds up the process of creating common components, modules, libraries, templates, plugins for Joomla CLI, and Web applications. With it, you can do framing for your extension or zip archive in just a few clicks.

Provided Features:

  • Fill that frame with your custom code
  • Create an interface for managing translations
  • Import your already existing and installed extension
  • Assist you in the creation of multilingual extensions


  • Great plugin
  • Nice
  • Awesome

2. JED Checker [ Free Download]

This extension is able to check your components, modules, or plugins for common errors that will prevent you from publishing your extension on the JED (Joomla! Extensions Directory). If you are a developer and want to contribute to this extension you can fork this.

Provided Features:

  • Missing index.html files
  • Reports the use of error reporting
  • Proper license tag in installation .xml files
  • Defined(‘JEXEC’) or die statements in all php files
  • Displays information about each extension xml file


  • Significant module
  •  Great support
  • Nice

3. Less Compiler [ Free Download]

This free online LESS compiler will generate the final CSS code using your provided LESS source. This tool is best suited for quick tests and for learning LESS. Besides, Twitter Bootstrap from 2.3 support is also provided.

Provided Features:

  • Client-side compiler
  • Compatible with J! 2.5 + 3.x
  • Option to preserve comments
  • Uses caching to track changes
  • Uses Joomla! One-Click-Updater
  • Supports Twitter Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x
  • Fr-FR translation contributed by


  • Easy to use
  • Great module
  • Effective

4. J!Dump [ Free Download]

J!Dump is a very easy to use debugging extension for Joomla developers and template designers. It also solves some often recurring problems during development.

Provided Features:

  • DHTML tree display
  • Use dump in extensions
  • See what’s inside a variable
  • Show the contents of the variable
  • Open a popup window with a DHTML tree


  • Short and concise
  • Great support
  • Easy to use

5. db8 Site Dev [ Free Download]

This is a Joomla Development Tool (Component + Module) to improve your workflow with Joomla website development. You can create your own checklist. The component has an option to generate a Live Checklist so that you can easily keep track of all things-to-do before the website can go live.

Provided Features:

  • Manage your own Checklist of Categories and Checklist items
  • Import and export your own Checklist Categories and Checklist Items
  • Download and import a default Site Checklist
  • Have a full overview of everything
  • Easily check or uncheck items to update the status of an item
  • Add notes with details to each Checklist item


  • Easy to use
  • Nice
  • Great extension

6. PHPconfig [ Free Download]

This extension is a powerful tool to help to locate errors in Joomla websites. his Extension also helps you to moderate some parameters of the PHP. Besides, it enables you to select the IPs which can see the errors to avoid that the errors can be seen by visitors.

Provided Features:

  • Modify PHP memory limit
  • Choose where the plug-in works
  • Show or hide the notification of errors
  • Change the maximum time of execution
  • Define addresses IP for executing this plug-in


  • Powerful
  • Nice
  • Great module

7. Easy Source Component [ Free Download]


Easy Source Component lets you create forms, lists, or any PHP script in just 5 minutes. You will be able to rescate your old PHP scrips and insert them into the Joomla Framework. Sometimes you need to build your own extension into the Joomla Framework, with this component you can easily create your own extensions without packaging the files.

Provided Features:

  • Create forms, lists, or any PHP script in just 5 minutes
  • Easily create your own extensions without packaging the files
  • Based on the MVC system
  • Toy can use also the model
  • Controller and views files


  • Powerful
  • Clean
  • Quick and easy

8. Component Builder [ Free Download]

The Component Builder for Joomla is highly advanced tool that is truly able to build extremely complex components in a fraction of the time. You can add Joomla custom fields in any of your components. Moreover, it easy to translate via excel.

Provided Features:

  • Add Joomla custom fields in any of your components
  • Add you own dashboard in the back-end
  • Dynamic File and Folder Inclusion concept
  • Easy Translation via excel
  • Adding your own rule validation to a field in JCB
  • The automated backup system in JCB
  • Adding MySQL Dump to any View/Table
  • Grab existing Table data and build a dynamic dump
  • Unlimited Joomla Components


  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Clean

9. Component Architect [ Free Download]

Component Architect allows you to build custom components with your own tables and fields that closely match, but extends, the functionality you get in the core Joomla components. It contains a number of components to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Provided Features:

  • Fully defined menu parameters
  • Modules to present your data
  • Create a basic skeleton MVC structure
  • Get fully working multi-table components
  •  Include having global defaults and record level overrides
  • Client and Server side validation code generation


  • Effective
  • Nice
  • Wonderful


What do you think about this collection of  Joomla Development Extension? If you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Besides, you can access free Joomla Templates to have a more attractive design for your websites.

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