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If you’re still trying to figure out where you can get the best event plugins, then you’re at the right place. Below you’ll find the best WordPress Event Management Plugin out there. Check it out!

Are you looking for WordPress Event Management Plugin that fit your needs? With the right event management tools, you can easily manage small to large large events like concert , parties , conferences , workshop etc. In this article, we’ll show you 8 WordPress event management plugins designed to help you display the events dates on your website.

1. Event Organiser

Event Organizer licenses you to make the events as custom post types. With this module you can without a totally striking stretch add additional features in order to manage any piece of the event. Besides, Event Organizer makes it an over the top measure of easy to dole out events to convey classes and stamps. At the day’s end, visitors will find the event they’re enthused about, with just a couple of snaps. Take a gander at it.

Provided Features:

  • Supports complex event plans
  • Instinctual UI and ace assistance
  • Setting mapPurchase in to event oversees
  • Events demands and stamps
  • And more


  • Easy to use
  • Basic
  • Dazzling

2. Events Manager

Events Manager is a full-included WordPress event the specialists module, with everything for secluded event presentation. Its free structure gives you the most features you need without paying any money. Additionally, it grants visitors to steadily decide for the event, book their seat, or to find the events with event orders.

Provided Features:

  • Fundamental event choice
  • Repeating and long event choice
  • Game-plans Management
  • Different Tickets
  • MultiSite Support
  • BuddyPress Support
  • Guest/Member Event regions
  • Give out event regions and view events by zone
  • Event plans
  • Agreeably make custom event characteristics
  • Google Maps


  • Awesome module
  • Easy to re-endeavor
  • Especially point by point

3. WP Events Manager

WP Event Manager

WP Events Manager is an ideal choice for each and every individual who needs a crucial response for coordinating events on the web. Because of it you can without a genuinely amazing stretch strategy with the whole of your events and even sell the tickets on the web. Extra, it’s totally authentic for each and every individual who needs to keep their locales shrewd, without hinder the reinforced with an unreasonable number of features.

Provided Features:

  • Create and manage events
  • ​Fully responsive
  • Web improvement kind
  • ​Shortcode support


  • Easy to present and use
  • Eminent UI
  • Astounding assistance

4. Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy brings diligent event the chiefs possibilities. Make open, private, draft or rehashing events with custom and dynamic fields with just two or three snaps. Likewise, sponsorship and areas the specialists, this module invigorates RSVP as well.

Provided Features:

  • Open, private, draft and emphasizing events
  • Reinforce the board with custom and dynamic fields
  • PDF creation for help, strategies and people information
  • Timetable the directors, with events coordination
  • Area the board
  • RSVP social events with custom fields and dynamic fields


  • Full-included
  • Easy to use
  • Dumbfounding assistance

5. My Calendar

If you search for the blend of versatility and unimaginable decisions, My Calendar is a module you ought to go to. The best thing about My Calendar module is reality it supports various plans and works over the whole of your objectives. In this way, we should discover and utilize it immaculately.

Provided Features:

  • Calendar network and chart viewpoints on events
  • Month to month, as per usual, or a little bit at a time watch.
  • Little augmentation plan for littler features
  • Devices: the ongoing turns of events, top level events, etc
  • Custom associations for event yield
  • Cutoff sees by classes, a region, maker, or host 


  • Adaptable
  • Stunning
  • Very nice

6. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Plugin wants the customers to make events course of action and control it with no issue. Along these lines, the module has noteworthy level properties and features. In addition, the events can be made rapidly. The scenes and facilitators can be saved. Take a gander at it.

Provided Features:

  • Smart event creation
  • ​Saved settings and facilitators
  • ​List/Day see
  • ​Calendar month see
  • Event search
  • ​Google Maps
  • Cutting edge events contraption
  • ​Google Calendar iCal exchanging
  • Event demands and checks
  • Totally responsive


  • Feature rich
  • Simple to use.
  • Shocking module

7. WooCommerce Event Manager

WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin-is genuinely remarkable and clear event the heads module open in WordPress stock and the best event supervisor module for WordPress. Moreover, it lets you make unlimited events and control them really from the WordPress official menu.

Provided Features:

  • Support All Payment Method open in WooCommerce
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Responsive and SEO Friendly
  • Multilingual Translation Support
  • Open Short Code for Customizing Events
  • Event Name and Event Description
  • Oversee Event Ticket Type, Quantity, Prices, Category and Organizer
  • Event Extra Service with Price and Quantity Management
  • Show Event Venue Using Google Map


  • Direct
  • Unfathomable assistance
  • Flawless

8. Quick Event Manager

A quick and easy to use WordPress event enrollment module free! You just ought to just breaker new events and spread it. Events will be recorded with the shortcode. All settings of events can be fixed up in setting pages.

Provided Features:

  • Event posts conveyed using your dashboard
  • Stores of course of action and styling choices
  • Show events as a speedy diagram or an arrangement
  • Worked in event assurance structure
  • Sees parts and IPN
  • Download events to your timetable
  • Download part report to email/CSV
  • Event maps
  • Contraptions and stacks of shortcode choices


  • Prompt and lightweight
  • Stunning assistance
  • Easy to use


Having WordPress Event Management Plugin is very essential for any website. By using it, you can allow your customer to create a booking, scheduling and ticketing and event management. In addition, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress themes to get some designs for your site.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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