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If you are dealing with creating different kinds of event registration forms, this article is just useful for you. In today’s article, we provide the top amazing WordPress Event Registration Plugin that assists you to collect all registration forms effectively.

Why should you consider WordPress Event Registration Plugin?

This helpful tool can offer you many registration forms and different functionality. However, these significant benefits below:

  • Display all important information about your events clearly
  • Sell online ticket by  send e-tickets with barcodes and QR codes to your event attendees
  • Control your events and track attendance

Let’s take a look at the following plugins to discuss the best WordPress Event Registration.



First of all, we would like to start with MightyForm. It is not only a simple form builder but also is a platform that works with form solutions for your business. Moreover, the plugin is considered an order form creator that allows you to view your payment method, items before the form is published. Furthermore, it also has integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. Thanks to that you can get files with your form. Especially,  this plugin allows you to create a payment form that works as an automatic payment system, and generates a PDF copy as a receipt.


  • Having integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox allows you to receive files with your forms
  • Let the visitor send you messages and send an automatic response
  • Create a payment form that works as an automatic payment system, and generates a PDF copy as a receipt
  • Add to your form and drop it wherever you like
  • Easily make the contact form your own by adding your logo, brand colors
  • Having the right feature and integration
  • And much more


  • Mobile-friendly form
  • Easy to use and install
  • A useful tool

Events Manager

Events Manager

You should consider this WordPress Event Registration Plugin because it has been built with a lot of powerful features. The plugin specializes in monitoring Booking management which means that you can flexibly create event registrations for sing day for long days. In addition, when you update to the pro version, this plugin will offer advanced features like payment options and multiple bookings.


  • Easy event registration (single day with start/end times)
  • Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
  • Guest/Member Event submissions
  • Assign event locations and view events by location
  • Event categories
  • Easily create custom event attributes
  • And much more


  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Full documentation
  • Excellent performance



With the support of many significant features, you can easily control all incoming form activities and submissions. In addition, you have the capability to generate unlimited WordPress registration forms for users with various pre-defined form fields. Moreover, setting up payments for paid user registration on your website is also one of the most unique features of this plugin.


  • Provides you with more control and flexibility over your WordPress registration page
  • Allow you to add custom fields to the checkout registration form
  • Add WooCommerce Billing and Shipping field to your standard registration forms
  • can build anything from simple to complex registration approval system
  • Offers an option to create a multi-step registration approval process
  • Unified User Registration Forms Manager
  • Unlimited Online User Registration Forms
  • And much more


  • Unlimited features
  • Easy to use
  • Great support

Sell Tickets

Sell Tickets

Another useful WordPress Event Registration Plugin that we would like to introduce is Sell Tickets. This plugin is necessary for ticket agencies because it allows you to create unlimited tickets for different events. In addition, it allows your customer to pay via Paypal or Stripe to get event tickets easily.


  • Start selling event tickets online in minutes
  • Create multiple ticket types for your events
  • Low fees that will save you money
  • Collect credit/debit card payments using PayPal or Stripe and get paid directly for event ticket sales
  • Easy event registration forms that you can customise by yourself.
  • Order management tools (edit orders, re-send e-tickets, cancel orders)
  • Automatically sends e-tickets with barcodes and QR codes to your event attendees
  • Customise your e-tickets to say whatever you want
  • And much more


  • A variety of powerful features
  • Effective performance
  • Nice tool

Event Registration Calendar By vcita

Event Registration Calendar By Vcita

This significant plugin is developed to improve your bookings productivity.  By using this plugin, the attendees no longer waste much time connecting with registrants because they can track and book appointments right on registrants’ schedules.


  • Create as many events as you want
  • Offer recurring events or one time events
  • Package a few events and sell those as one
  • Manage all your events from vcita’s business calendar
  • Send registration confirmation automatically
  • Send reminders automatically to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancelations
  • Promote your events with email & SMS campaigns


  • Eye-catching plugin
  • Easy to use

Registrations for the Events Calendar

Registrations For The Events Calendar

This excellent plugin will make you satisfied because it provides you with various kinds of registration forms like meetings, classes, workshops, groups, and so on. By using this plugin, you have the ability to highly customize including freely show the event registration form on any positions on your site by using shortcodes, customize both the email templates, and the notification email, and much more.


  • Reduce incomplete event registrations by limiting the entire process to a single page
  • Keep your event page uncluttered
  • Follow-up with your attendees with a customizable confirmation email
  • Save entries in a database table for easy event registration management
  • Attendees can unregister (cancel registration) using a link sent in an email


  • User-friendly features
  • Highly customizable

Quick Event Manager

Wordpress Event Registration Plugin

Quick Event Manager is a useful tool for keeping track of all of your event registrations. Furthermore, with the aid of this plugin, all generated events will be listed on the shortcode. Furthermore, the setup pages allow you to tailor the appearance of the event registration form to your specific requirements.


  • Download events to your calendar
  • Event posts created from your dashboard
  • Download attendee report to email/CSV
  • Show events as a list or a calendar
  • Loads of layout and styling options
  • Event maps with Google Maps
  • Widgets and lots of shortcode options
  • Built-in event registration form
  • And much more


  • Good support
  • Useful tool


Which is the best WordPress Event Registration Plugin for your website? In our opinion, it also depends on your purpose and requirements because each plugin has its different pros and cons. We hope that you can find the best solution for yourself. In addition, don’t hesitate to drop off our Free WordPress Themes to have more advanced designs for your website.

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