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Looking for the best Joomla payment systems extension?

You are running an online store and you are looking for a reliable Joomla payment system extension to manage online payment, aren’t you? There are many payment systems extensions with many different features that will help you do that.

In today’s article, we provide 7 best Joomla payment systems extensions that will allow you to customize and manage online payment in the best way. Let’s check and select the one that suits your needs!

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1. cciDEAL Platform [Paid download]

Ccideal Platform Joomla Payment Systems Extension

The first Joomla payment systems extension we recommend you to use for your website is cciDEAL Platform! With cciDEAL Platform, you can accept iDEAL payments with accounts from ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, Sisow, Rabo OmniKassa, Mollie and Targetpay. It supports iDEAL v3 / iDEAL SEPA and comes with many new useful features such as improved user interface, live update, pre-payment email that can be sent before payments are started, and more.

2. Digistore Connect [Paid download]

Digistore Connect Joomla Payment Systems Extension

Meet Digistore Connect – this is also an ideal Joomla payment systems extension that you should not ignore! You can connect with the extension your Joomla with the affiliate and payment service Digistore24, it’s a service which takes care of the entire process with your customer from order through to cash receipt and settlement. It also comes with many excellent features that need you to come to explore. Don’t hesitate!

3. Payage [Free download]

 Payage Joomla Payment Systems Extension

Payage – one of the best payment systems extensions for Joomla that you can add to your Joomla website to manage online payments. This is an ideal choice for any Joomla component because it has a well-documented API. Especially, the extension has several reports and charts so you can easily analyze your historical payments.

4. Easy Paypal [Paid download]

Easy Paypal Joomla Payment Systems Extension

If you’re looking for an amazing Joomla payment systems extension for your Joomla website then Easy PayPal is also the right choice. It allows you to set the PayPal parameters like the email address, dollar amount, currency, item number, item name, button image or a combination of the above. It supports Joomla 1.0x/1.5x/1.6x/2.5x/3.x

5. Instant Paypal [Free download]

Instant Paypal Joomla Payment Systems Extension

Instant Paypal – a simple Joomla payment systems extension which is fully integrated with Paypal checkout and can offer best cart integration. You can set the parameters like price, tax, shipping, and more.


  • Get notified by email on new orders
  • Show nice PayPal buttons
  • Manage tax and shipping costs
  • Choose a return URL after payment
  • Works with all PayPal supported currencies
  • Show a little form for the customer
  • And more.

6. Easy Paypal Buttons [Paid download]

Easy Paypal Buttons Joomla Payment Systems Extension

Say hi to Easy PayPal Buttons! A flexible Joomla payment systems extension which allows you to create and deployment of PayPal Buttons. Here are some of the features of Easy PayPal Buttons:

  • PayPal options supported
  • Live Update support
  • Support for almost every possible PayPal button option
  • Create buttons in different languages
  • Payment history reporting with exports
  • Built-in cart feature with multi-merchant support!
  • And more.

7. Easy Joomla Paypal [Free download]

Easy Joomla Paypal Joomla Payment Systems Extension

Easy Joomla Paypal – a customizable Joomla payment systems extension which you can add to your Joomla website to enable Paypal Donations or Payments. This is an ideal choice for those who are in need of a flexible and professional payment system.

Main features:

  • Customizable Paypal email
  • Return address (URL) when payment is complete
  • Cancel address (URL) in case payment is canceled
  • Choice of default currency
  • User selectable Currency for Payment
  • And more.


Which Joomla payment systems extension sounds like the best match for your requirements? If you have any question about this post, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to share with your friends if you find it useful! Thanks!


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