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Do you know the best way to protect your premium products from the copy? No matter the answer is yes or no, we think that the List of 7 Must-have WordPress License Plugins In 2021 below will be essential for any web owners in particular and WordPress users in general.

How is the WordPress License Plugin useful?

With WordPress License Plugins, you are able to create unlimited license keys to keep your digital products safe. On the ground of that, it is possible for you to limit the access content from unlicensed people to make money from these digital assets. Moreover, it also gives you a chance to keep track of your products and services update regularly, helping you to gain and maintain your customer’s happiness easily.

Top 7 Impressive WordPress License Plugins

Software License Manager

Software License Manager

The Software license manager is an ideal choice for those who desire to create license serve with API. This plugin also allows you to manually generate license keys in the admin dashboard of this plugin. And it can work with different WordPress apps ranging from plugins to themes and more.

Software License Manager for WooCommerce

Software License Manager For Woocommerce

Software License Manager for WooCommerce lets you add an unlimited license key to WooCommerce in a simple way. Moreover, you also hold a chance to build so many licensed keys as well as restrict them in your own demand. Last but not least, it also integrates with many popular plugins in the current market, so you can improve your site ability significantly.

License Keys for WooCommerce

License Keys For Woocommerce
License Keys for WooCommerce is an ideal choice for you to insert your products to not only WordPress but also WooCommerce with ease. By using this plugin, you have no worry about anything because this plugin supports all kinds of variables of the products and variations of prices. This plugin also enables you to add products with API as of PHP packages, libraries, and more.

License Manager for WooCommerce

License Manager For Woocommerce

It would be a good idea for you to use the License Manager for WooCommerce to create, add, and import license keys for WooCommerce simply. You can use it to show or hide your license in your own way with the support of REST API. Moreover, you also obtain chances to export your license files in terms of PDF and CSV as well.

Elite Licenser Lite

Elite Licenser Lite

Elite Licenser Lite is an ideal solution for you to manage your digital products and keep track of their updates, create license code in an automatic way, etc. You can use applications to follow all of your licensed items. And, it also allows you to use one app to observe and control any type of your products.

WooCommerce Software License Manager

Woocommerce Software License Manager

The following WordPress License Plugin in this collection is WooCommerce Software License Manage. This plugin is based on EDD Software License Manager, helping you to integrate it with WooCommerce at ease. One of the most highlights of this plugin is that it assists you to create as many license keys as you want to sell products on WooCommerce with ease. Besides, you are free to enable or disable the license, send license keys as email notifications to clients, and more.

WP License Manager

Wp License Manager

If you are looking for great WordPress License Plugins that can help you change your WordPress to the license manager page, WP License Manager is the best solution. One of the most highlights of this plugin is that it can work well with not only WordPress plugins but also themes and other downloadable products. Besides, this plugin also provides the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to help you protect the copyright of your products as well.


Have you found out the best well-matched WordPress License Plugin for your site? If yes, congrats! If not, reread this article carefully!

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