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Are you looking for wonderful WordPress Education Themes? Every niche, including education and literary websites, has a WordPress theme. Finding the ideal education theme might be difficult with so many free options. In this post, we’ll present our hand-selected selection of the must-have WordPress Education Themes for schools and academic websites.

Why should you choose a WordPress Education Theme?

A well-designed education-themed WordPress website can assist a school or institution in going online. Alternatively, it can allow you to upload things like course schedules, faculty listings, grades, exam dates and subjects, and any other information you wish to keep track of while still allowing your site’s users to access it. Some themes are visually pleasing but have limited functionality, while others are the polar opposite. You’re probably wondering if you can obtain the best education WordPress theme for a beginner like you.

To save you time and effort, we’ve compiled a selection of the great WordPress Education themes. Let’s take a look!

Top Reliable WordPress Education Themes

LT Abroad


If you’re looking for a useful theme to support your business in the field of international education, LT Abroad is one of the amazing WordPress Education Themes. It comes with the most up-to-date web technologies, such as Elementor Page Builder and WooCommer, so you can construct and change your sites without any coding or hard tasks. Furthermore, this WordPress Theme includes WooCommerce integration and a mobile-friendly layout.

ET Primary 


ET Primary is the ideal theme for you if you operate in an educational facility and are looking for a suitable theme to develop a professional website. This theme is compatible with the most up-to-date web technologies, like Elementor Page Builder, Smart Slider, Contact Form 7, and others. ET Primary is also simple to set up and utilize. A back panel interface allows you to simply change the color and content of your website. Moreover, this theme loads quickly and is completely mobile-friendly, allowing you to increase client satisfaction.

TPG Cookbook


TPG Cookbook is a visually appealing WordPress theme created for those who want a professional website dedicated to food recipes. This theme is one of the highly-recommend WordPress Education Themes. TPG CookBook also provides you with a fully responsive layout, making it easy for your visitors to read your food books or attend your cuisine classes on any screen or browser. Furthermore, a drag-and-drop layout contributes to making it easier to design your site.

TPG eSchool


You want to advertise your business by getting more students to register if you run an online schooling website or an LMS. TPG eSchool is an excellent option in this instance. Because of its compatibility with Elementor Page Builder, this is an outstanding and eye-catching WordPress Theme that allows you to freely develop and edit any material to make your site’s appearance more intriguing and stunning. It also includes WooCommerce and has a 100 % responsive interface.

LT Artclass


You should not overlook LT ArtClass if you want to promote and attract more potential consumers to your art classes. LT ArtClass is a vibrant theme that is fully integrated with Elementor Page Builder, allowing you to easily design and modify content. On this foundation, you may create a fantastic website that will attract more dedicated pupils. Furthermore, this theme includes WooCommerce, making eCommerce more accessible than ever before. Your designs will work flawlessly on any device, resulting in increased client satisfaction.

LT eLearning


If you work in an online educational setting or in a career that has anything to do with education, you should check out LT eLearning. It stands to reason that because LT eLearning is compatible with Elementor Page Builder and WooCommerce, your websites can be easily altered, replaced, and personalized. Furthermore, the ability to immediately adapt to any screen solution will help you make a better impact on kids, parents, and future clients.

LT University


LT University can be used by any school, college, university, or institution. Because to LT University’s interoperability with Elementor Page Builder, you can easily construct and edit your webpages without any coding skills. Furthermore, with WooCommerce’s help, you can display specific information about your courses, teachers, number of students per class, and other details to improve the popularity and reputation of your educational institution.

LT School 


For educational establishments, schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions, LT School is highly recommended. This theme has a lot of advanced features including strong shortcodes, adjustable theme options, and flexible gallery and portfolio layouts. In addition, drag and drop layout content, Bootstrap CSS, and Elementor Page Builder are all enabled for altering and displaying content quickly. LT School will be an excellent choice for creating a professional-looking website for your educational institution.

ET University


ET University is an eye-catching and beautiful theme created for educational institutions, particularly private universities. This theme includes a number of powerful features that can help you build your brand and entice more students to enroll. It is initially constructed using Elementor Page Builder, which allows you to edit any material on your site to make it more engaging. Furthermore, this WordPress theme interacts with a completely adaptable design that can instantly resize to match any screen resolution.

TPG University


TGP University is one of the fantastic WordPress Education themes that can be used to create a website for any educational institution. This University WordPress theme is designed in a modern and professional style that will capture the attention of any visitor as soon as they arrive on your site. It also comes with a comprehensive set of features that can be used for a variety of educational purposes. TPG University is highly configurable and responsive.



One of the greatest WordPress Education Themes is EduMag, a modern style magazine. It’s simple to set up, with a live preview, thanks to theme options based on the customizer API. It’s used by a lot of educational professional and magazine websites, as well as educational academies like universities, colleges, schools, and specialized learning centers. Breadcrumbs, pagination, style and sidebar settings, as well as a social media widget, are all included. It’s a WooCommerce-ready theme that’s also translation-ready.

Education Zone


Education Zone is a free WordPress education theme with a premium-looking design and plenty of areas to display your organization. This is an SEO-friendly theme that can help you rank higher in search engines. It offers a mobile-friendly design and a fast performance. The theme has a simple and appealing design that displays important information in various areas. A full-width header banner with a Call-to-Action button catches the reader’s eye.

Preschool and Kindergarten


Preschool and Kindergarten is a must-have WordPress education theme with a simple layout. The homepage parts of this free theme provide dynamic layout changes and outstanding functionality. With this theme, you can engage visitors to your various parts and set your institution out from the competition. The theme has a dynamic sliding banner for showcasing blog entries. You can utilize useful blog content that is relevant to users as hooks to entice people to investigate your site further.

Rara Academic


The clean and professional design of Rara Academic keeps visitors riveted to their screens. This is a free educational theme that has the potential to have a significant impact on visitors. Rara Academic is an SEO-friendly theme that might help you rank higher in search engines. This theme has a top bar that displays your contact information and other social media symbols, as well as support for social media integration.

University Zone


University Zone is quite a catch when it comes to free education themes with lots of premium features . This theme has an elegant design with additional information sections and other appealing features that can distinguish your website from the competition. To give your website a unique look, you can upload a custom background image or choose from an unlimited number of background colors with this theme.  Moreover, the theme has an eye-catching header design that prominently shows your contact information.



Astra is a multipurpose theme that includes several education-related templates. Kindergartens, colleges, universities, music schools, martial arts academies, private tutors, and other educational institutions can use these templates. With the university themes, you can use photos or videos to highlight your institution’s campus, build biographies for your instructors, highlight courses and academic programs, and allow students to register or contact you.

Education Base


Education Base is a modern WordPress theme with eye-catching animations. This theme has a lot of modification options, so you may completely modify the look and feel of your website. This plugin gives you a lot of customization options because it lets you change the layout of your pages with simple drag-and-drop actions. You can choose from a variety of Google Fonts as well as two different colors. You may also use a custom background image to give your website a distinctive appearance and feel.



Educamp is a modern-looking WordPress education theme. It offers a spacious effect that makes scrolling across it enjoyable, as well as unique features. This theme is best suited for a school or educational website. The theme includes a section to highlight your distinctive features, complete with eye-catching icons. You can also introduce the members of your faculty. Educamp also supports WooCommerce, allowing you to create an online store on your website.

Education Master


Education Master is a WordPress theme with a blog-style design that is ideal for educational organizations. To create a complete education website, your homepage can display different post sections such as Courses and Events. You’ll also get an event calendar widget to go along with your posts. Social media integration is also possible with this theme, and you may include your social networking links in a variety of places, including the header and sidebar.

Kids Campus


Kids Campus is a vibrant and elegant WordPress education theme. This theme is ideal for kindergartens, preschools, and daycare centers because of its child-friendly design. The theme includes some interesting icons and fonts that go great with the kid-friendly style. You’ll be given a homepage with a Welcome section and a Services section on which you can effectively identify yourself. This is a plugin-friendly theme that works with the majority of WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce and Google Maps.



Educenter is a grid-style WordPress theme with a professional appearance. It is designed in a simple but efficient manner. Through an attractive structure, you can simply present your educational courses and provide other vital information to prospects. You’ll have several sections to highlight your educational activities. The theme makes use of eye-catching, beautiful, and informational large-item boxes.

VW Education Academy


VW Education Academy is a colorful and appealing WordPress education theme. The theme comes with a variety of homepage sections to engage and inform visitors. This is a plugin-friendly theme that works with the vast majority of WordPress plugins. With this theme, you may create a fantastic online academy. You’ll also get a contact form to collect questions, as well as the ability to accept online registrations for your programs.

Kids Education

Wordpress Education Themes 22

Kids Education is another educational theme with child-friendly design cues for kindergarten and daycare services. The theme features fantastic animations and vibrant colors, resulting in a visually appealing atmosphere. Kids Education is intended to serve as an important conduit for communication between parents and the institute. As a result, it has a search bar that allows parents to look up future events, activities, and individual courses.

Creativ Education

Wordpress Education Themes 23

For your educational institution, Creativ Education is a simple and functional WordPress theme. The theme features a clean, professional style that can make an impression on visitors. It’s a straightforward blog theme that gets the job done. This theme comes with a few basic layout options for changing the sidebar location to suit your needs. Moreover, Creativ Education includes a Gallery area, which visitors may see on the homepage.

Academic Education

Wordpress Education Themes 24

Academic Education is an education theme that may be used for a college, a school, a university, a learning management system, or a small business. A multipurpose theme that can be used to create business and corporate websites that is highly adaptable, versatile, and multifunctional. This theme includes news, a new filter function, and customisation choices, all in a clean, professional, and user-friendly design.

Study Circle

Wordpress Education Themes 25

Study Circle is a beautiful WordPress theme with a lot of flexibility. This theme is suitable for educational websites as well as small enterprises. It has a simple style but includes all of the usual elements you’ll need to highlight your institute’s distinct characteristics. This theme has a highlighted area where you can link to crucial sites such as Courses and About. There is an icon-focused part where you can put down your institution’s unique features or ideals.

Education Care

Wordpress Education Themes 26

Education Care is a stunning WordPress theme with a minimalist aesthetic. With this theme, you can quickly emphasize and show your most important information. You may adjust your sidebar widgets with simple drag and drop motions with this theme’s basic customization options. You may also customise your website by selecting a custom background image.In addition, you can display student reviews in a simple but eye-catching Testimonials section.

Education Soul

Wordpress Education Themes 27

For educational institutes, Education Soul is an excellent blog-style theme. This theme would be ideal for a magazine website. It also offers a well-organized homepage that allows you to highlight your strengths in a visually appealing manner. You can generate leads by using newsletter subscription forms, which are supplied. You may also establish an online following for your institute by including social media connections on your website.

College Education

Wordpress Education Themes 28

College Education is a highly-recommended education theme with a sophisticated look. With its roomy design and sophisticated font, this theme can really set your website out from the competition. The Featured Courses have a distinctive, freeform look that is highly appealing. You’ll also have access to a prominent Contact area. This theme is also easily localizable in your preferred language because it is translation-ready.

Education Hub

Wordpress Education Themes 29

The Education Hub  one of the helpful WordPress education themes. It has a lively and colorful appearance and can be used to inform visitors about your programs and facilities. Visitors can also use the search bar in the header to look for specific information. You can insert connections to your various social media profiles with this theme. This can help you grow your internet following and increase your enrollment possibilities.

Clean Education

Wordpress Education Themes 30

Clean Education is a WordPress education theme that is both simple and effective. This theme accommodates a wide range of content kinds by providing appropriate sections and pages. This is an SEO-optimized theme with a breadcrumb option that can help you improve your search engine ranking. This option allows you to include a little navigation bar on every page, which substantially enhances the user experience and makes navigation much easier.


Wordpress Education Themes 31 1

Scholarship is a professional education theme with a clean design. This theme features a vivid style that can help you establish a great online presence. It is well-equipped with a variety of useful parts that can be used to properly highlight the many characteristics of your institute. Scholarship includes a built-in customizer that makes it simple to make modifications to your website. You can adjust the layout and move theme pieces around with simple drag-and-drop motions to suit your needs.

Final Words

Using these wonderful themes, you can add a lot of variety to how you present educational content and provide associated services. All of these themes are popular and promote the delivery of high-quality services. They increase productivity and traffic to your WordPress site, allowing it to rank higher. This raises the overall quality of your business.

In addition, you’ll find more eye-catching Free WordPress Education Theme for your websites here. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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