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Are you looking for a good WordPress Client Portal Plugin but you don’t know how to choose it among thousands of available ones? Congrats because you are landing in right place! In this article today, we will propose the top 8 popular and powerful WordPress Client Portal Plugin in the current market. Let’s start!

How is WordPress Client Portal Plugin useful?

WordPress Client Portal Plugin is an ideal choice for you to keep track of your online clients and share private content with particular or oriented people. On the ground of that, you can guarantee the safety of some information and request customers to do some actions in order to access the content that they want like pay some money, become your site member, etc. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s discover the Collection of 8 Nice WordPress Client Portal Plugin In 2021 to get the best suitable one right now!

Top 8 Wonderful WordPress Client Portal Plugins

Client Portal

Client Portal

To begin with, the Client Portal will help you reduce the burden when creating private pages for different groups of users. To be more specific, each page allows only the page owns to view the content. Furthermore, your clients enable to log in to your site directly without the demand of the login and registration forms. Last but not least, thanks to the shortcode support, your customer can redirect to their private page in no time.

Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite

Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite

Secondly, Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite is one of the most valuable WordPress Client Portal Plugins that we want to mention. By using this plugin, you are able to implement unique content in the backend as well as allow specific clients to access and see it in the frontend simply. On top of that, this plugin also supports shortcodes, permitting you to present content according to your own demand.

Client Dash

Client Dash

Thirdly, we would like to introduce Client Dash, the WordPress Client Portal Plugin allowing you to take over the WordPress admin. Besides, it also offers countless essential and easy-to-use features to help you customize both your and your customer’s dashboard at ease, without coding requirements. Moreover, this plugin also has the Customize Admin Tool, so you are able to edit and see your changes immediately with the live preview. On top of that, it is also possible for you to give clients different power to view content in the admin area.

SuiteDash Direct Login

Suitedash Direct Login

Next, SuiteDash makes it possible for you and your clients to visit SuiteDash without access to your SuiteDash login page. It means that your clients can directly log in to your SuiteDash from your own site. It is because this plugin lets you embed a customized login possibility into your WordPress site.  Additionally, SuiteDash also permits you to use not only SuiteDash customers but also Custom Domains in your own URLs.

Clinked Client Portal

Clinked Client Portal

The following must-see WordPress Client Portal Plugin in this list is Clinked Client Portal. Via the compatibility with a simple-to-use widget, you can set up this plugin successfully in some minutes. By utilizing this plugin, you hold chances to control and manage special content as well as discuss them with particular clients. Also, it helps you to follow your staff, plans, and much more easily. And, Clinked Client Portal will help you start collaborating, distributing files, etc within some minutes. Besides, you can collect and gather different elements like files, chats, and more in the same place too.

Client Power Tools

Client Power Tools

Client Power Tools is an incredible WordPress Client Portal Plugin that is needed to discuss. When installing this plugin, you have an opportunity to improve your customers’ experience effectively. Thanks to the support of Client Power Tools, you are able to generate a dashboard for only your specific clients, helping them to manage their projects, information, and more in a simple way. Similarly, they can exchange messages with you in some essential cases at ease. In the light of that, you can follow your client’s action on your front end.

WP Customer Area

Wp Customer Area

WP Customer Area license you to manage your content and share them with targeted customers in some simple steps. In detail, this plugin assists you to deliver private content such as files, pages, and more to your clients in a safe way. In addition, you also take full control to set up the content level access like secure customer fields, files, etc for different customers according to some specific condition.

Clustdoc Client portal

Clustdoc Client Portal

Lastly, Clustdoc Client Portal is another must-have WordPress Client Portal Plugin. This plugin empowers you to receive the submissions of your clients and other kinds of people without touching any line of code. Besides, it also assists you to ensure the security of your customer information, delivering reminders emails automatically, and doing other actions in a few clicks of the mouse.


In a nutshell, it is a tricky question for us to conclude which is the best WordPress Client Portal Plugin for your site. However, we believe that this article can help you analyze and compare 8 WordPress Client Portal Plugin equally before choosing the best one for your site.

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