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Email has become an essential tool for communicating between brands and clients as well as partners. WooCommerce email has given us urgent and standard features and looks. In any case, do you feel enough? We don’t think so. If you’re too tired when sending emails with a basic look, read this post with 7 outstanding Woocommerce email plugins!

Woocommerce Email Plugins will blow fresh air to standard and major WooCommerce emails because you can easily custom appearance and handle effortlessly your emails. On the ground of that, you can make your clients and partners impressive significantly. So, let Woocommerce email plugins make your email progressively appealing and professional!

Top Must-have Woocommerce Email Plugins



A module permits you to improve the email look – Decorator. Is it true that you are exhausted with essential and standard WooCommerce email? Utilizing Decorator, you can custom your email look with the inherent Customizer instrument.

Key features:

  • Set up a separate instance of
  • See changes in live preview
  • Custom the WooCommerce email
  • And more


  • Basic but great
  • Easy to use

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

Kadence Woocommerce Email Designer

We need to acquaint with you an incredible module that carries a rich and natural look to your messages. Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer lets you custom easily the look and see the outcome promptly with live view mode.

Key features:

  • Custom header, body, and subtitle
  • Modify colors
  • Live preview all Woocommerce emails
  • Import and export your setting
  • And more


  • Great support
  • Easy to custom

Follow Ups

Follow Ups

Follow Ups will cost you $99 for a year, and it is worth each penny. This module permits you to send messages just as little tweets to your clients. Additionally, it causes you to track client conduct through point-by-point reports of open, snaps, gadgets, etc.

Key features:

  • Send email and tweet your customers
  • Track the activities of email (open/clicks/sends/etc.)
  • Group emails and tweets
  • Graph reports
  • Schedule to send emails
  • Create coupons
  • And more


  • Highly customizable templates
  • Integrated with Google Analytics

WP HTML Mail – Email Designer

Wp Html Mail – Email Designer

With the assistance of WP HTML Mail – Email Designer, you can custom your email layout so as to bring to visit clients a wonderful and expert appearance. It additionally has live review to see the change continuously.

Key features:

  • Modify text and image of header
  • Custom color and font
  • Custom footer text
  • Email testing mode
  • Live preview
  • And more


  • Responsive interface
  • Inline CSS
  • Good support

WooCommerce Email Customizer

Woocommerce Email Customizer

Inverse to Email Text Customizer For WooCommerce, this module encourages you to structure delightfully your email without influencing the content or substance. WooCommerce Email Customizer has helpful capacity serving custom the plan, for example, intuitive, integrate worked in WordPress Customizer.

Key features:

  • Upload header image
  • Drag and drop
  • Change header text and color
  • Work with built-in WordPress Customizer
  • And more


  • Quick installation
  • No coding skills needed
  • Customizable UX

Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Email Plugins 8

This plugin allows you to generate personalized emails using a visual template editor. The plugin provides a plethora of features that will assist you in creating stunning emails with photos, buttons, GIFs, and so on. Moreover, the WooCommerce Email Customizer is a live builder that displays any changes performed in real-time. The test mail option in the plugin allows users to preview the prepared template by sending it to any email address.

Key features:

  • Includes many elements like text, images, GIFs, social media icons, and so on.
  • Option to include multimedia in the email.
  • Live preview of the changes.
  • Test by sending emails.
  • Compatibility with most WooCommerce plugins.
  • Shows the customer address and information.
  • Option to include hooks from eCommerce emails.


  • Great support.

YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Woocommerce Email Plugins 9

YayMail by YayCommerce is yet another excellent WooCommerce email customizer. It has several possibilities for adding your logo and making your WooCommerce email seem professional. If you want to create effective dynamic email marketing campaigns, get started with YayMail’s free version now.

Key features:

  • Live preview on multiple devices.
  • Simple to use shortcodes for email information.
  • Drag & drop interface with live preview.
  • Customize emails for orders and emails.
  • Tons of shortcodes, placeholders, variables, and personalized content.
  • And more.


  • Quick installation.
  • No coding skills needed.


Let’s wrap up

We have suggested you list of 7 Woocommerce email plugins for you to consider. Come and pick which one is the best for you and give us your review! Furthermore, if you need a beautiful template for your site, see our free WordPress theme!

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