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Let’s see what more will we have in the stable version of Joomla 4

If you’re a Joomla fan, you must be aware of the Joomla 4 Alpha 2 release on December 19th, 2017, it means the release date of stable version is really close. This release will be an LTS (long-term support) version and the major one along with many huge updates and new features. From Alpha version, there are many improvements have been introduced to Joomla community, however, it is reasonable for us to expect more about stable version because of using latest web technologies and usability. In this blog post, we are going to discuss what features and improvements are possible to be introduced in the upcoming stable version!

The New Media Manager – more useful features

Joomla 4 Media Manager

The New Media Manager of Joomla 4 has been introduced from the release date of Alpha 1 version, after taking a quick look of its new features, we can see that it becomes more friendly with many advanced features. Besides mentioned features that we have listed in the previous blog post, it will be amazing if these features are added to stable version:

  • Media form field which re-styled
  • Move/copy files
  • File download

The New backend template – more advances

Joomla 4 provides an entirely new backend template that based on Bootstrap 4. It has main UI, workflow improvements and offers better performance on responsive layouts.

Joomla 4 Back End Improvement

This new backend template built to compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level AA. We’re hopefully to have more features and improvements in the stable version. Click here if you want to read more information about Joomla backend prototype.

More features for SEO

Due to the important role of SEO in website development, Joomla development team has the main concentration on improving it. Joomla 3 Schema markup integration from almost page types, redirection, heading structure, metadata, etc. will be maintained to be updated and improved in the new version. In stable version, more SEO features are hopefully waited for a better SEO website.

Performance and page loading improvements

For a better page loading ability and performance, Joomla 4 has taken the main focus on improving code quality, cleaning up codebase, get the latest web technologies in use, requiring to use PHP 7 as minimum PHP version, removing deprecated functionality, plugin system to be re-written, Joomla framework 2.x.

Fully supported Joomla 4 accessibility

Joomla4 Accessibility Support

It is really important for web design and web technologies to have accessibility support. Compliant between Joomla 4 and Level AA of WCAG 2.0 is an awesome information for Joomla community. There are many advances implemented and introduced from Joomla 4 Alpha version. Some changes may be implemented:

  • Admin user interface
  • Navigation more friendly
  • Color: Joomla 4 dashboard colour is chosen  by accessibility support in the UI contrast 4.8:1, it is above the contrast requirement of accessibility support 4.5:1
  • Simple to configure control panel.

A cleaner codebase

Codebase which is cleaned up and well-optimized will be appeared in Joomla 4 by using new standard of coding and removing deprecated functionality.

Installation process

Joomla 4 Installation

Start from Alpha version of Joomla 4, installation process consists of 6 easy steps with a friendly UI. In stable version, it will have the same style, however, with more features:

  • Rework sample data installation
  • Ability to install extensions (at minimum core supported extensions)

A better Upgrade process

In Joomla 4, upgrade process will be simplified by processing with just 1 click for keeping the site with latest Joomla version.

Joomla Upgrade

Joomla official will release Joomla 3.9 really soon to support upgrade from Joomla 3.x to 4.0, therefore, the workflow should be like below:

  • Update the site to Joomla version 3.9
  • Migrate the site to Joomla 4 (remember that your current template and extensions are fully compatible with this new version).

That’s all of our article today about the new backend of Joomla 4! Don’t forget to share with your friends if you find this post is helpful!

Thank you so much for reading!  Please feel free to let us know by contacting us here if you have any question, we will reply as soon as possible!

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