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In light of WordPress progress bar plugins, improving your site and raising customers’ sympathy level to your page are less difficult!

There are a couple of individuals look for wordpress progress bar to lessen customers’ trouble when speed of the site is low. Likewise, others need some progress bars laid in header or footer to tell customers the sum they looked down. Whatever the explanation, you may require some progress bar to raise obvious expertise of your site, right? Learning yourself is okay, anyway it will take a great deal of time. So that, you’ll need some supportive WordPress progress bar plugins in the hand-picked list underneath. Do whatever it takes not to miss it!

1. Progress Bar & Skill Bar

wordpress progress bar 4

Progress Bar & Skill Bar is another awesome WordPress progress bar plugin. You will find it’s a useful tool to show the progress or percentage of elements. In addition, it uses Bootstrap to bring to you a responsive design.


  • Two animation designs
  • Custom name, color, background, progress color,… of the bar
  • Add or remove bar
  • Customizable color Scheme


  • Quickly setup
  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 support

2. Author WIP Progress Bar

If you are looking for a cool progress bar that shows the goals, progress, page count or the progress of displaying of website, you cant not ignore Author WIP Progress Bar. For instance, you are a writer and your fans will see the completion progress of your work. Interesting, right?


  • Custom animation effects and color
  • Modify the dimension of progress bar
  • Ability to add links in the footer of the bar
  • Set the border color


  • Cool plugin
  • Simple but excellent
  • Elegant look

3. Ultimate Blocks

wordpress progress bar 5

This plugin helps you display any Gutenberg block in your site, including progress bar. Apart from it, with Ultimate Blocks, you can add block in anypart of your site and also modify its interface as well as functions as you wish.


  • Tweak the shape of the bar
  • Custome the color
  • Modify the thickness


  • Free plugin
  • Gorgeous design
  • Many other extra functions

4. PageLoader

PageLoader is convenient, feature-rich progress bar plugin. One of its advantages is the ability to custom as you want (such as background, icon, image,…) Moreover, it also allows you to choose the timeout close function when the progress bar takes much time to load!


  • Animation effect for loading image or icon
  • Ability to tweak the background of the landing page
  • Live editing
  • Timeout close function
  • Customizable loading text
  • And more


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite

5. Worth The Read

wordpress progress bar 8

Worth The Read will enable you to show the progress bar marker indicating the client how far looked through the present page or post. You can effortlessly control the place and style of the progress bar from simple and quick settings.


  • Set the placement
  • Choose where to display
  • Custom the style (color, opacity, thickness, foreground and more)
  • Set the time commitment


  • Basic but crucial features
  • Customizable CSS

5. Reading Position Indicator

Reading Position Indicator is a simple but powerful WordPress bar you shoud not miss. It allows you to create vertical bar and custom how it looks like, where it laid, its dimension, effects, and much more.


  • Ability to modify color, secoundary color, color opacity, etc.
  • Set the size and thickness
  • Choose position to set
  • Tweak color style (solid/ gradient/ indeterminate)


  • Friendly design
  • Work perfectly
  • Highly aprreciate plugin

6. Reading Progress Bar

Reading Progress Bar will estimate time when audience read an article. It also brings to your site an elegant and outstanding interfact. Moreover, it has a lot of features and ability to modify to suit your needs.


  • Show estimated time and article tittle
  • Custom the style of the progress bar
  • Turn off in a specific site
  • Optimized for Android and IOS devices


  • Compatible with most of browsers
  • Extensive document
  • Fit with all themes adnf floating/sticky menus

Wrapping Up

We have proposed for you some important WordPress progress bar plugins which may help you with decorating your site and raise customers’ sympathy level to your page. We believe this once-over will help you with picking the most suitable one. In addition, make sure to bestow your understanding with us in the wake of experiencing. In case you are checking for some outstanding themes, explore our free WordPress themes!

Thank you for reading this article. Get in touch with us on the off chance that you have any issue!

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