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Are you finding a plugin to help you customize the appearance of your site? Then you are landing in the right place! In this collection today, we picked some powerful WordPress Login Plugins that can allow you to edit your login page based on your requirements. Thanks to it, you can enhance your brand identify and secure your site effectively. Let’s start now!

What are the advantages of the WordPress Login Plugins?

There are numerous benefits gained from WordPress Login Plugin if your sites utilizing. Firstly, it is a wonderful way to help you alter the layout of your login page which aims to improve users’ experience very easily. Moreover, it assists to uplift your brand identity effectively.

Top Must-have WordPress Login Plugins

Custom Login

Custom Login

Custom Login provides you an essential procedure to change the login screen of your WordPress site. In like manner, it besides associates with you to acquaint truly clean with your free site game-plan occupations. This module is sans all around and easy to use.

Provided features:

  • Re-endeavor the login screen on your WordPress present
  • Add to some degree clean to your free site affiliation occupations
  • Changes stay when you update


  • Essentially cool
  • Awe-inspiring
  • Uncommon module

Custom Login Page Customizer | LoginPress

Custom Login Page Customizer | Loginpress

This WordPress Login Plugin includes many customization fields that enable you to alter the layout of your login page very easily. Besides, by using Custom Login Page Customizer, you can also modify totally the appearance of your login page such as registration error messages, forgot error messages, forget password hint message or even the login error messages.

Provided features:

  • Customize the footer
  • Change the login logo
  • Set the color of your button WYSIWYG
  • Customize the login form
  • Welcome Messages
  • Change the error log messages
  • And more


  • Excellent
  • Work perfectly
  • Great support

YITH Custom Login

Yith Custom Login

YITH Custom Login offers you a wonderful procedure to change the default style of your WP login perpetually. Also, in the wake of introducing this module, you can in like way set a pretty style for your login page and a brief timeframe later change it dependent on your style.

Provided features:

  • Change the default style of WP login
  • Set a pretty style to login page
  • Change login page as exhibited by your style
  • Consolidate another page under Appearance


  • Charming module
  • Light module
  • 100% adaptable

Custom Login Page Customizer – Login Designer

Custom Login Page Customizer – Login Designer

Login Designer enables you to alter the login page of your site without anyone else without employing an engineer. Despite the fact that this module isn’t the first for styling custom login page, it gives you an unparalleled live-altering experience not at all like some other which is unique in relation to other people. A short video of how to utilize it is likewise remembered for this module so you don’t have to stress over to approach to utilize.

Provided features:

  • Setting mindful sneak peaks
  • Modify your site’s login page
  • Amazing custom controls
  • Logically showed alternatives and module settings
  • Custom occasion triggers


  • Delightful plan
  • Simple to utilize
  • Efficient device

Admin Custom Login

Admin Custom Login

The Admin Custom Login plugin empowers you to re-attempt your WP executive login page subject to your necessities. Because of utilizing it, you can make a remarkable login structure correspondingly as plan an enchanting and eye-getting login page structure rapidly. You can in like way change the foundation covering, foundation slide appear, foundation picture, etc.

Provided features:

  • Login Form Background
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Divert Users like on Custom URL After Login
  • Re-attempt Login Form Positions
  • Import and Export All Plugin Settings
  • Join Social Media Icons Login Form
  • Online life Icon Color
  • Online life Icon Size
  • Normal Plugin Dashboard


  • A 5-star module
  • Faltering
  • Not all that terrible looking

Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib

Custom Login Page Customizer By Colorlib

Here is a marvelous and eminent WordPress Login Plugin that connects with you to modify your login page comparatively as login structure in the Customizer. It isn’t just reasonable for apprentice yet moreover pushed organizers as well. Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib also awards you to introduce a custom foundation picture for login structure steadily.

Provided features:

  • Consolidate a custom foundation picture for login structure fragment
  • Change login structure width
  • Change login structure width
  • Join custom foundation picture for login structure
  • Stow away/Show ‘Review me?’ elective on the login structure
  • Custom login page designs
  • Stow away/show login logo from login page
  • Show/mask the logo text from login page
  • Likewise, that is only a brief look at something bigger


  • Have absolutely the arranged effect
  • Beautiful changing module
  • Drawing in other choice

WPS Hide Login

Wordpress Login Plugin

WPS Hide Login protects your site from brute force assaults by changing the URL of the default login page. WordPress by default uses yoursite.com/wp-login.php as the URL for your login page, making it easy for visitors to find. You can rename your login URL with this plugin without impacting any core files. As a result, intruders will have a more difficult time finding it. However, you must still exercise caution and select a strong login and password.

  • Compatibility with popular plugins
  • Multisite functionality
  • Complete login URL customization
  • And much more


  • Nice support
  • User friendly


Having a WordPress Login Plugin is very essential for any website. By using it, you can improve your site’s identity effectively. In addition, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress themes to get some beautiful designs for your site.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!


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