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Nowadays, many people are probably no stranger to the term cryptocurrency. If you intend to build a cryptocurrency-related WordPress website for running a business and providing information, why not take a look at the list of WordPress Crypto Plugins below? They may be useful for your site development.

What can WordPress Crypto Plugins help for you?

With the assistance of WordPress Crypto Plugins, you are easily able to get the following functionalities:

  • Accepting cryptocurrency payments: Crypto plugins can integrate payment gateways, allowing you to accept payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other altcoins.
  • Displaying cryptocurrency prices: These plugins can fetch and display real-time cryptocurrency prices and exchange rates, allowing you to showcase prices, market trends, and other relevant data.
  • Crypto donations: You can enable users to donate cryptocurrencies directly on your website using these plugins, making it easier for them to support your cause or projects.
  • Enhanced security: Crypto plugins often provide additional security measures specific to cryptocurrencies, such as two-factor authentication, secure key storage, and encryption, protecting your site from potential threats.
  • Wallet functionality: Some plugins offer wallet functionalities, allowing your users to create and manage cryptocurrency wallets on your WordPress site.
  • Trading or investment features: Certain crypto plugins provide tools and features for users to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies directly on your website.

List of useful WordPress Crypto Plugins

Cryptocurrency Widgets – Price Ticker & Coins List

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 1

First of all, we would like to introduce to you the Cryptocurrency Widgets – Price Ticker & Coins List plugin. It provides an easy way for users to stay up to date on the ever-changing cryptocurrency market. The features that this plugin offers, including a crypto ticker widget, coins price lists, tables, multi-currency tabs & price labels, coin market cap, real-time prices and 24-hour changes for bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies support active traders and those wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies.

That is to say, thanks to this WordPress Crypto Plugin, traders and investors can effectively manage their portfolios and track the latest updates in the cryptocurrency space. Further, the easily customizable feature settings ensure users have ultimate control of their widgets and price trackers. The professional tone of the interface provides a reliable and secure atmosphere for individuals to feel safe when engaging in market activities.

Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets | Crypto Plugin

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 2

Secondly, it’s a good idea for you to try Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets if you need to get a plugin that offers you the ability to easily and quickly customize cryptocurrency widgets and have them displayed on their site. In other words, it will support you to view a variety of data, such as exchange rates, candlestick charts, price tables, and more. This makes it an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to track crypto-related information.

In addition, the plugin gives you an intuitive design and great flexibility when it comes to choosing what information you would like to include in your widgets. It is also simple to install and can be used on websites of varying sizes. With the help of the Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets plugin, you can create widgets that are visually appealing and custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Cryptocurrency Widgets For Elementor

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 3

Thirdly, why don’t you check out Cryptocurrency Widgets For Elementor? This WordPress Crypto Plugin includes powerful features that are useful for any website – or cryptocurrency-related project. In other words, it provides an easy way to display coins in a beautiful card layout with various dynamic attributes, convenient coin price labels, and the ability to show the top coins from any given list.

By using this plugin, you can also show the 24-hour change in the 250 coins list it offers and even convert your coin payment address into a QR code! All of these features come with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface so that you can quickly and efficiently use these dynamic widgets on any of your Elementor-based projects.

Crypto Converter Widget

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 4

The fourth WordPress Crypto Plugin you should try if you are looking for a tool to convert crypto is the Crypto Converter Widget. The tool enables your website visitors to perform currency conversions with impressive accuracy and ease. Plus, it supports up to 2200 cryptocurrencies and 170 fiat currencies, providing all the resources your visitors need to manage their financial activities. With automated real-time updates, you can rest assured that your visitors will always have access to the latest market data.

What’s more? The Crypto Converter Widget plugin is intuitive and user-friendly, providing a seamless experience for all your visitors. By using this tool, it’s easy and simple for you to customize the layout and design of the plugin to match your brand image. Rest assured that your visitors will have the power to convert any currency they want, no matter what part of the world they are in.

ABC Crypto Checkout

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 5

Another WordPress Crypto Plugin you should check out is ABC Crypto Checkout. It is a reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrency payment processor that is designed to make cryptocurrency transactions convenient and secure for both you and your customers. The plugin eliminates the need for third-party accounts, allowing customers to make payments directly to your crypto wallet. This means no extra fees for third-party accounts and ensures buyers have peace of mind that their funds are safe during the transaction.

Not to mention, the live exchange rate helps you get the fairest value for your transactions with different Fiat currencies. Besides that, with the ABC Crypto Checkout plugin, you can have multiple crypto wallets available simultaneously and also have multiple virtual currencies at your disposal such as USDT, ETH, BTC, and more.

Web3 – Crypto wallet Login & NFT token gating

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 6

Web3 – Crypto wallet Login & NFT token gating is the next helpful WordPress Crypto Plugin you should try. This plugin is an exciting new technology that enables users to use their cryptocurrency wallet to Sign Up/log in to a WordPress website through digital signature verification. This is an important development as it ensures that users can enjoy secure and safe access to the website.

Plus, the plugin also simplifies the user experience as it eliminates the need for any password-related authentication. By integrating the Web3 plugin into the WordPress website, users can ensure that only their wallet signature can be used to gain access to the website, thus providing extra security and protection from data breaches.

Crypto.com Pay Checkout for WooCommerce

Wordpress Crypto Plugin 7

Finally, it’s time for you to explore Crypto.com Pay Checkout for WooCommerce. That is to say, this WordPress Crypto Plugin not only offers merchants a secure and cost-efficient payment gateway but also allows customers to receive cashback for their transactions. With the support of the plugin, merchants can provide their customers with an additional incentive to make purchases, which is further supported by seamless and secure transaction flows between crypto users and merchants.

Crypto.com Pay Checkout for WooCommerce is the best choice for merchants who are interested in enhancing customer loyalty and connecting with the crypto world. By making use of this plugin, merchants can not only increase their total revenue but also attract a more diversified customer base.


All in all, we hope that the collection of the best WordPress Crypto Plugins we showed you above will help you choose the most suitable one for your website. If you need to know more about the topic, then don’t hesitate to comment below so we can discuss it with you.

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