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Using the 8 Best WordPress Google Calendar Plugin In 2020 to display upcoming events, dates, meetings!

Do you want to build a website with google calendar? Or Do you need to showcase upcoming conferences, meetings? Don’t worry, Top 8 Best WordPress Google Calendar Plugin In 2020 will support you to do this task. These plugins are a powerful and great tool to display appointments/events of a public Google calendar. Let’s start enjoying it right now!

1. Simple Google iCalendar Widget

Simple Google Calendar Widget to show occasions from an open google schedule, or another iCal document, in the style of your site. Google offers some HTML bits to implant your open Google Calendar into your site. Especially, this plugin allows you to apply all kinds of CSS.

Provides Features:

  • Display appointments/events of a public Google calendar
  • Display most common repeating events
  • Allow you to apply all kinds of CSS
  • Small footprint, uses only Google ID to get information
  • Exclude events on EXDATE from repeat
  • Gets calendar events via iCal url
  • And more


  • The best choice
  • Various features
  • Smart

2. Daily Routine with Google Calen

It is a basic plugin to show your google calendar occasions to site where shortcode [drwgc] set inside post or page. Furthermore, if you want to edit the calendar event you should edit your google schedule occasions either from a laptop, desktop, etc, it will naturally update to this calendar appearing on your site.

Provides Features:

  • Show your google calendar events
  • Edit calendar events from laptop
  • Automatically updated to this calendar


  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Amazing

3. SD Google Calendar Combiner

SD Google Calendar Combiner enables you to enter a list of all open Google Calendars, the number of look-ahead days, and the timezone for showing the dates and times of the schedule. Furthermore, you can combine different open Google schedules into one feed to use on the REST API. Let’s start enjoying it!

Provides Features:

  • Combine calendars to use on different API calls
  • Allow the user to enter a list of all public Google Calendars
  • Display the dates and times


  • Work perfectly
  • Elegant
  • Best

4. Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is the most effortless approach to add Google Calendar occasions to your WordPress site. It is delightfully planned. This plugin enables you to display events from any public Google CalendarFurthermore, it helps you to adjust to your necessities.

Provides Features:

  • Display events from any public Google Calendar.
  • Keep managing events in Google Calendar
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly monthly grid and list views.
  • Customize event content display using simple tags
  • Display configuration changes for fine-tuning.
  • Advanced settings to adjust time zones, date/time, etc
  • And more


  • Great tool
  • Beautiful design
  • Nice

5. WP Google Calendar Manager 

WP Google Calendar Manager is a nice and attractive tool on the market. With this plugin, you just click and you can get your upcoming events, meetings, conferences. Furthermore, it allows you to showcase your calendar with many languages.

Provides Features:

  • Display events from Google Calendars.
  • Intuitive admin settings for simple configuration changes.
  • Import upcoming events from Google Calendar.
  • Display your calendar in the frontend
  • Showcase your calendar with many languages.
  • Showcase event details with a tooltip on hover.
  • And more


  • Excellent
  • Elegant
  • Powerful

6. Dan’s Embedder for Google Calendar

Dan’s Embedder for Google Calendar helps you to display the calendar in both list and full view in a way that was easy to style. Furthermore, this plugin does not limit to the number of calendars you can link up. All you need is an open Google Calendar (or numerous!) and a free, simple to get API key.

Provides Features:

  • Displays public calendars in a mobile-friendly format
  • Offers Options for Full Calendar View
  • All options are configured via shortcode
  • Full Calendar offers mobile-friendly tooltips
  • Custom div id can be set for every calendar
  • No limit to the number of calendars you can link up
  • And more


  • Great tool
  • Awesome
  • Elegant

7. Gecko Google Calendar

Gecko Design is one of the beautiful designs on the market. This plugin interfaces your site to Google Calendar and permits occasions to be shown on different pages utilizing shortcodes. You can try it on your website once time, you will enjoy it.

Provides Features:

  • Display events on various pages using shortcodes
  • Displays a barebones calendar
  • Showcase the next X upcoming events in an agenda view


  • Flawless
  • Effective tool
  • Very nice support

8. Private Google Calendars

Private Google Calendar is This plugin can show numerous private (and open) Google schedules with a shortcode, Gutenberg square, or as a gadget.

Provides Features:

  • Access to private calendar
  • Adjustable caching
  • Fully customized within the Gutenberg block
  • Calendar filtering.


  • Great support
  • Excellent
  • Top-notch


Having a WordPress Google Calendar Plugin is very essential for any website. By using it, you enable to display events easily and quickly. In addition, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress themes to get some designs for your site. Hope you dig it and choose the most suitable for your choices. Let’s start enjoy it!

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