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In case you’re utilizing Hikashop and get the issue with the “Add to Cart” checkout page on PHP 7.3.x, Hikashop 4.x, and blunder subtleties with: “Can’t pass parameter 3 by reference”, it means you’re utilizing old checkout heritage mode on Hikashop 4.x version.

From Hikashop 4.x, it moved to a new checkout strategy, straightforward and function admirably with PHP 7.3, so how to fix it? It’s straightforward, simply go to Hikashop settings and turn off the option called “Checkout legacy”.

How to resolve it?

  • Step1: Login to Joomla Admin panel
  • Step 2: Go to Component > Hikashop
  • Step 3: On Hikashop, go to menu “System > Configuration”
  • Step4: Open tab “Advanced”, find option “Checkout legacy” and turn it OFF
  • Step5: Save and recheck.

You can see screenshot for Checkout legacy from Hikashop configuration

On the off chance that despite everything, you see the issue, attempt to clear Site Cache and Browser Cache and recheck.

We also have Hikashop templates which you can take a look for your next project or improve the existing websites with Hikashop. On the off chance that you see it’s helpful for everybody, feel free to offer it for your companions who have the same issue.

In the event that regardless you have an issue, or have any recommendation for this issue, feel free to leave a remark, we want to reply.

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