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If you’ve ever encountered the error message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function money_format()” while working on a PHP project, don’t too much worry about that. In the blog, there are a few steps you can take to fix this issue.

Understanding the money_format Function in PHP

The money_format function is a built-in PHP function that allows you to format a number as a currency string. It is used to format a float or integer into a localized currency string. The function is often used in applications that require currency formattings such as online stores, payment gateways, and accounting software. It can also be used to generate human-readable currency strings for use in reports and other documents. The money_format function takes two parameters: the number to be formatted and the desired currency symbol, and it returns the formatted string.

Unfortunately, the money_format function is not available on all systems, which can lead to Fatal Error: Call to undefined function money_format() messages. In this blog section, we will look at how the money_format function works and why it is not available on some systems.

Solution for Fatal Error: Call to undefined function money_format()

The first step you need to do is write your own function based on the number_format function since the money_format() function isn’t available on your system.

It’s a good idea for you to use Decimal =. or Thousands =, if you need to format the number as US dollars. Let’s take a look at the following code:

function asDollars($value) {
if ($value<0) return “-“.asDollars(-$value);
return ‘$’ . number_format($value, 2);

For instance, the code with the error message is:

$pricetotal = money_format(“%10.2n”, $pricetotal);

You just need to modify it to:

$pricetotal = asDollars($pricetotal);

Now, it works well.


In conclusion, the money_format function in PHP can be a useful tool for formatting currency. However, it is not compatible with all operating systems, as Windows does not support it. In the end, understanding the solution for Fatal Error: Call to undefined function money_format() will help keep your website running smoothly.

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