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What have you known about this new frontend template?

Accompany this big Joomla upgrade is many updates and new brilliant features of Joomla 4, 2 new frontend and backend templates are one of them, which are cassiopeia and atum. Today blog post purpose will give you a closer look with the new frontend template – cassiopeia with Bootstrap 4 integration, codebase which is well optimized, using latest web technologies, flexible layout system, and more.

Give it a go now!

Integrates with Bootstrap 4 

Bootstrap 4, as we all know, is the most popular and powerful CSS, HTML and JS Framework to create website mobile first, responsiveness easily and fast.

First look at appearance and feel 

Designed in a colorful style and nice look, Cassiopeia shows a better quality in appearance than previous frontend templates in Joomla 3 including Beez 3, Protostar.

Mobile first

This new frontend template is built with the aim to make it work better on mobile/tablet responsive layouts, as well as showing a great performance because of Bootstrap 4 integration, modern website technologies, and advanced codebase optimization.

Flexible layout structure (module positions)

Not only have an advance in responsiveness but Cassiopeia also offers a better layout system than Joomla 3 frontend templates did, because it has module positions with 4 columns layout systems, which makes it possible for users to develop as well as customize the layout without any effort.

Template Folder Structure

Providing a clear folder structure, it is easy for developers to comprehend functionality of each folder and customize the template.

Developed by SASS

No longer using LESS like Joomla 3, Cassiopeia developed with SASS which is a strong CSS extension to make CSS extendable, themeable, and maintainable.

Module variation

In order to help users develop their website fast, Cassiopeia has been equipped with module variations

Optimized codebase

Joomla 4 development team focus mainly on code quality, improve performance and customization, so Cassiopeia has a great codebase structure and well-optimized.


That’s all of our article today! Are you interesting with this new frontend template? Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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