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Recently, some people asked that what the best tool to monitor the revisions of their business and project is. Therefore, in today’s post, we recommend for you The top useful WordPress Github Plugin to see the changes to the projects effectively.

Why should you consider the WordPress Github Plugin?

Because of some reasons:

  • You can see the progressions to the ventures on the grounds that those adjustments are refreshed straightforwardly to the focal store
  • If you need to modify an undertaking, you can duplicate the entire archive to your framework, and afterward, all progressions will be saved
  • It permits you to blend those alterations with a couple of snap
  • And much more

Let’s start with a list of the best WordPress Github Plugin below.

Top Nice WordPress GitHub Plugin

Github Embed

Github Embed

The perfect plugin that we would like to mention is GitHub Embed. This is an optimal way to embed details from GitHub just with a few clicks. In addition, this plugin also has powerful support including repositories, user profiles, project milestone summaries, and project contributors. What’s more, it also provides you with very basic styling so that you can style according to your requirements.


  • Provides very basic styling
  • Allows you to embed details from GitHub just by pasting in the URL


  • Simple
  • Work effectively

GitHub Release Downloads

Github Release Downloads


Github Release Downloads is considered an excellent tool to get the download count, links, and more information for releases of GitHub repositories. By using this plugin, you can view all downloads for one GitHub repository. In addition, if you want to hide information about the download count, this plugin also do that well.


  • Gets information about the latest published release for the repository
  • Gets information about the release with the specified tag name
  • The release description and the list of files that can be downloaded
  • Hides information about the download count
  • Hides the download link for the source code


  • A great plugin
  • Easy to use

Embed Block for GitHub

Embed Block For Github

This plugin comes with many powerful features so that you no longer have problems when you want to adds a GitHub Repository Embed Block to the Block Editor. In addition, it also allows you to present a card with the repository information and add the GitHub repository to any desired position on your website.


  • Add a GitHub Repository embed block to the Block Editor
  • Show a card with the repository information
  • Add a GitHub repository to any page or post on your website


  • Simple and lightweight
  • Nice tool
  • Translation ready

Github Ribbon

Github Ribbon

You shouldn’t miss this plugin if you want to add “Fork me on Github” ribbons to your WordPress posts or pages. In addition, you can enable the ribbon per post/page level or at the global level.


  • Choose between image-based ribbons or CSS3 based ribbons
  • Choose whether to show the ribbon on the right side or on the left side
  • Configuration can be set either globally or on a post-by-post basis
  • Pick up any one of the 6 different colours that are available
  • You can choose whether the link has to open in a new tab or not


  • Available support
  • Translation ready

WP Githuber MD

Wp Githuber Md

WP Githuber MD has been built with a ton of forceful features consisting of Markdown editor, live-preview, image-paste, HTML-to-Markdown helper, and more. Moreover, it also detects your Markdown content and decides what scripts will be loaded to avoid loading unnecessary scripts.


  • Live preview.
  • Spell check.
  • Enable/disable Markdown for a single post.
  • Support Gutenberg editor.
  • Support custom post types.
  • Support Markdown extra syntax.
  • HTML-to-Markdown tool.
  • Image copy & paste (support uploading to Imgur.com and sm. ms)
  • Highlight code syntax. (prism.js or hightlight.js)
  • Flow chart.
  • And much more


  • Many powerful features
  • A useful tool without any Warranty

WP Github Commits

Wp Github Commits

The typical plugin in today’s collection is WP Github Commits. This brings you to a sidebar widget that can be configured to display commits from a GitHub repo in the sidebar. Moreover, thanks to the widget, you can use some template function to show the commits of a Github repo.


  • Adds the following CSS classes
  • Can use the code from this gist to increase the timeout
  • Shortcode support
  • Ability to hide author-name
  • Make the output of widget content pluggable


  • Excellent support
  • Available translation


Have you ever chosen the best WordPress GitHub Plugin yet? If these plugins are not appropriate for your purposes. Don’t worry, we have a wide range of advanced themes at our free WordPress Themes. If you are keen on themes, don’t miss our website. Thanks for reading.


We’re Digital Content Marketing team from AgeThemes Marketplace. We provide quality content for everyone who using open source CMS like Joomla and WordPress. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free leave your comment, we happy to assist you asap.

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