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When working with PHP, you might encounter various errors during the development process. One common warning that developers often come across is the “Warning: Creating Default Object from Empty Value.” So, today, we will explore the causes of this warning and discuss several approaches to fix it.

The reasons cause Warning: creating default object from empty value

The warning message “Creating Default Object from Empty Value” is PHP’s way of alerting you that you are trying to create an object from a variable that has not been properly initialized. This issue arises when you attempt to assign properties or call methods on an object that does not exist or is null.

  • Uninitialized Variable: The error occurs when you try to create an object from an uninitialized variable. An uninitialized variable does not have a value assigned to it.
  • Null Variable: Similarly, if the variable you are trying to convert to an object is null, the warning will be triggered:

$object = null;
$newObject = (object)$object; // Warning: Creating default object from empty value

Solution for Warning: creating default object from empty value

  • Solution 1: Generate a stdClass() Object in PHP

Declaring a variable as an object of stdClass() in the global namespace can be achieved with this method. Properties can be dynamically assigned to the objects. For instance, if $obj is set to NULL, and the success property is set to false with the $obj object, an error will be outputted due to the fact that $obj is not in an initialized state as an object.

Let’s take a look at an example code:

s$obj = NULL;
$obj->success = true;dClass() Object in PHP

Then, the output is:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value

To resolve this error, assign the $obj variable with an instance of stdClass(). Then, set the success property to true with $obj. Utilize the print_r() function to print the $obj object to review the information in the output section. Verify the existence of $obj using the isset() function. Successful completion of these steps will complete the error-handling process.

Here is the example code:

$obj = new stdClass();
$obj->success =true;

So, the output will be:

stdClass Object ( [success] => 1 )

  • Solution 2: From anonymous class in PHP, generate Object

By utilizing the new class keyword, you can generate an anonymous class and assign properties to it. This simple step will help you remove the error. This creates an object based on the properties set in the generic class, allowing you to access it with ease. Take this easy measure and the error won’t be an issue any longer.

For example, If you instantiate an object $obj with an anonymous class using the new class keyword, a public property $success can be set to true. To avoid any errors in your website, it is recommended to print the object using the print_r() function. This method will effectively prevent the page from displaying a runtime error.

Let’s check out the following example code:

std$obj = new class {
public $success = true;
print_r($obj);Class Object ( [success] => 1 )

The output will be:

class@anonymous Object ( [success] => 1 )

Wrapping Up

The “Warning: Creating Default Object from Empty Value” error in PHP occurs when you attempt to create an object from an empty or undefined variable. By following the approaches mentioned in this blog post, you can effectively resolve this warning and ensure the smooth execution of your PHP code.

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