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LT Personal is a portfolio website template for showcasing personal detail information and skills. This template is grateful designed on a powerful framework with a 100% responsive layout (on all mobile devices) based on Bootstrap CSS grid layout, Page Builder for layout, Shortcode for editing information quickly. It now even much better by supporting Font Awesome, Compress files, 8 color schemes, and more, which assists you to promote your information/ products as well if you’re a freelancer and get it more popular. Let’s create chances on your own, with LT Personal!


Fully Responsive Layout

LT Personal Joomla! template builds with a fully responsive layout based on Bootstrap CSS. It has a special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile-based.


8 Layout Color Styles

LT Personal Joomla! template supports 8 color styles helping to create gorgeous websites with various layouts. Besides, the template comes with a flexible homepage which includes a boxed and full-width layout. You can see the demo via Template Site Tool on the demo site. It’s also easy to extend color styles.


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