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Do you hope to build a professional website specializing in job and recruitment? If your answer is yes, it’s a good recommendation for you to try AT Jobbed Joomla template. This company Joomla website template is developed based on a powerful framework and flexible SP Page Builder, which brings you a lot of not only easy-to-use but also helpful features to help you customize or design your site without any trouble. Especially, as your site focuses on jobs and relevant issues, AT Jobbed is compatible with the JS Jobs extension, you can build a professional job website effectively. Besides that, thanks to a multi-color feature, you are also able to modify the color style of your site and give it a new appearance without any trouble. In the end, you can display all the recruitments of employers as well as support job seekers to get the suitable position smoothly. Furthermore, a responsive and cross-browser layout is also a plus point that AT Jobbed provides for you. Therefore, you can make both employers and employees feel like your website, which will contribute to increasing the site traffic effectively. If you like AT Jobbed Joomla template, don’t miss it!


AT Jobbed is a clean, responsive, SEO-optimized Joomla Template that is the best option for websites about job seeking or recruitment. By using AT Jobbed, you can make any adjustments to your site to give it a perfect appearance since this website template is compatible with SP Page Builder as well as many helpful extensions. Hence, it’s simple for you to showcase all the recruitment news from employers so that the job seekers can find out and choose the most suitable one.

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Let’s introduce your company, such as the formation and development of your company, and the methods that help both employers and employees. That will assist you to win the trust of many job seekers and employers.

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Thanks to this template, you are able to create a contact page as well as a blog page without any obstacles.

At Jobbed Joomla

AT Jobbed Website template builds with fully responsive layout based on Bootstrap CSS. It has special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.