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Nowadays, websites that offer online classes have become familiar to the younger generation of students. If you are running a university website, why don’t you conquer more students by trying the AT University theme? That is to say, this education & university WordPress Theme brings you a completely responsive layout based on Bootstrap CSS, thus your site is always high-quality on any kind of device. What’s more? With the assistance of Elementor combined with many helpful plugins, it’s not difficult or complex for you to build your site in your own style. Some beneficial features include 50+ Extra Widgets, Drag & Drop Form Builder, Form Templates, Typography Styles, Google Font, Retina Support, Social Comments, and so on. Further, in case you want to create a new feeling for your visitors with a more eye-catching appearance, AT University comes with a color pick tool that can meet your requirements. Now, don’t hesitate to display all the information about online courses, classes, lectures, and much more on your site. Wind up, don’t miss AT University if you hope to have a professional university website!

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AT University is a professional and elegant WordPress theme that is appropriate for universities or colleges to showcase the online courses, classes, lecturers, or related information, announcements, and news. Since this theme is created based on Elementor Page Builder, it will give you the ability to design your site and add any educational content you want.

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By utilizing AT University, you can freely showcase an overview of your university/college with important and outstanding information. What’s more? It’s necessary for you to set your student’s minds at rest by presenting many professional and enthusiastic lecturers on your site.

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AT University allows you to create a blog page or contact page with full information without any trouble.

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AT University builds with fully responsive layout based on Bootstrap CSS. It has special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.

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