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To this day, the one-page website design remains one of the most popular web design trends for business. As the name suggests, this type of website contains one page only and has simple navigational structures. 

Depending on the page’s length, some websites may provide navigation links to redirect visitors to specific parts of the site. Alternatively, users can scroll down the page to find the desired information.

One-page websites also have a more straightforward web structure compared with multi-page websites. You don’t need to move between pages to see all the content — what you see on that one page is what you get.

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Benefits of One-Page Websites

There are many reasons why the one-page website design rises in popularity. If you’re still not convinced, here’s what makes this type of website great for business.

1. Time-Saving and Cost-Effective

As one-page sites only have a single web page, it takes you less time and resources to build and optimize. With online website builders getting more and more accessible for everyone, you can even design it yourself without a professional’s help. All that’s left to do is find good web hosting and domain name to complete the website.

If you need high quality but the cheap web hosting service, check out Hostinger’s plans. Not only are they highly affordable, but they also include plenty of resources and features you can use to boost the site’s performance.

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2. Increased Conversion Rates

Since one-page websites comprise their content on a single web page, it’s easier to redirect visitors to execute your desired actions. By reducing the number of distractions on the page, your website can communicate its purpose much more efficiently. As a result, you get to improve your conversion rates by 37.5%.

3. Improved User Experience

Due to its simple web structure and linear navigation, the one-page website design can enhance your content’s fluidity. It lets you present various information as a unity instead of separate entities divided into multiple pages. Thus, visitors can grasp the essence of your website without putting in too much effort.

4. Optimized Mobile Experience

As single-page websites only contain very little content, you can easily optimize them for small-screen devices. Their linear navigation makes them ideal for mobile devices as users can navigate through the page using the touchscreen scrolling. Additionally, the lack of content makes this type of website lighter, thus decreasing the page load time.

5. Simplified Web Management

With only one page to manage, optimizing the entire website will be faster and easier for you. Should you want to change the page’s content or rebrand the site, you only need to work on that particular page.

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When to Use a One-Page Website

While the one-page website design offers many great benefits, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to boosting your business site’s performance.

For example, websites containing lots of information may find one-page web structure limiting, if not harmful to user experience. Even with navigation links, users tend to feel intimidated or annoyed by lengthy web pages. This issue may lead to an increase in bounce rates, which is bad for your SEO.

Speaking of SEO, the small amount of content leaves little from for keyword optimization. When you only have one page to work with, you can only do so much without risking keyword stuffing.

Last but not least, the one-page website design’s poor scalability isn’t ideal for websites striving for growth. Its narrow focus makes it harder to accommodate complex content and multiple conversion goals.

That being said, the one-page web design is perfect for the following types of websites:

1. Landing Pages

As landing pages generally have a specific goal, having a simple one-page website can help you achieve yours much faster. You can use it to grow your email list, promote a particular product or service, or build brand awareness. This type of page generally exists to support the main business site, which serves a broader purpose.

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2. Professional Portfolios

As portfolios generally contain a small amount of information, professionals can benefit from having a one-page website to showcase their skills and work samples. Individuals can easily manage the site and modify the content at any time. Not only that, but it’s also cost-efficient enough that you won’t have to allocate a big budget to maintain the site.

3. Brochure Website

Similar to landing pages, you don’t need a lot of pages to display your business details. You can use a one-page website to attract potential customers by showcasing promotional images, contact information, and ongoing promotions. 

Brochure websites can take advantage of modern, intuitive one-page websites to provide smooth navigation from top to bottom, with highlighted pointers and CTAs.


Regardless of your type of business, the one-page website design can help you generate conversion leads and improve brand awareness, among other benefits. As it comes with several limitations, make sure to consider whether or not this type of site is suitable for your business purpose beforehand.

About Author: Mary is a passionate blogger and the chief editor at her own content marketing company Since college, she’s been interested in break-through technology and technical writing about innovative products and services that change our everyday lives for the better. She’s also interested in web design and photography.

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