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Are you worried about how to create and manage links? Stop worrying because we will help you solve that problem in this blog. So, now, we are pleased to provide you Top 6 Effective WordPress Links Plugin In 2021. Let’s check it out!

Initially, WordPress Links Plugin plays an important role in creating and managing links without any trouble. Secondly, it is not only kept on securing your connections but also easy to customize, remove broken links, and much more. Let’s explore right now!

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

If you are working in the showcasing area, then you need to have ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager. That is to say, this module lets you not just abbreviate and shroud showcasing joins by utilizing your own area name, yet in addition, keep on securing your connections with 301 sidetracks. Moreover, it gives you numerous significant capacities underneath.

Provided features:

  • Inbuilt affiliate link shorter/link Cloaker
  • Click stats tracking & reports
  • Advanced link picker tool
  • show category slugs in link URLs
  • Add graphics, banners and other images
  • And more.


  • Great plugin
  • Simple configuration settings
  • An essential tool

Simple Link Directory

Secondly, we need to give you the Simple Link Directory. Most importantly, this module is utilized for little and medium sites. Because of it, you as well as your guests can implant your Link List that can build the connection in your site.

Provided features:

  • Unlimited Directories and Lists
  • Show Single List/ All Lists
  • Import Lists from CSV file
  • Outbound click tracking
  • Upvote or Like Links
  • And more.


  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • Lightning-Fast Support

WP Links Page

Thirdly, we will investigate WP Links Page together. In other words, this module will uphold you to produce a powerful connection exhibition with screen captures of each connection. Likewise, the connections will be shown in a framework or rundown with titles and portrayals. Moreover, it has a ton of different highlights that you can see beneath.

Provided features:

  • Create a dynamic link gallery
  • display link with title and description
  • Set the number of columns
  • Customize link titles
  • Showcase links anywhere
  • And more.


  • Great display options
  • Great support
  • Customizable

Shortlinks by Pretty Links

The fourth module you should possess is Shortlinks by Pretty Links. In other words, this module is a very normal and comfortable WordPress Links module with the majority of the sites. In this way, it’s valuable for you to recoil, decorate, track, oversee and share any URL on or off of your WordPress site. Also, you can produce interfaces that look how you need by utilizing your own space name.

Provided features:

  • Ability to create clean, simple URLs on your website
  • Generates random 3-4 character slugs
  • Provides a reporting interface
  • View click details
  • Exclude IP Addresses from Stats
  • and more.


  • Easy intuitive and fast to use
  • Good and smoothy
  • Nice support

Simple Links

Another module we need to suggest for you is Simple Links. Above all, with its assistance, you can embed just as arrange your connection by simplified. Moreover, you can create shortcodes and show in the classification effectively and rapidly.

Provided features:

  • Drag and drop link ordering
  • Shortcode support
  • Ability to add additional custom fields
  • Options to remove the old WordPress Links Manager
  • Flexible permissions
  • and more.


  • Easy and clean to use
  • Really slick short-code form
  • Fantastic support.

Nofollow for external link

The last choice that you should look at is Nofollow for external link. Most importantly, this module can assist you with getting the association with another page you need to offer more substance. Further, on account of it, you can likewise set avoid areas effectively and essentially.

Provided features:

  • Support custom post type content
  • Exclude domains,
  • Add Rel Nofollow
  • Ability WordPress multisite.
  • and more.


  • Works well
  • Helpful
  • Best features


In conclusion, what do you think about the Top 6 Effective WordPress Links Plugin In 2021? If you have any problem related to these plugins, then don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below. Besides, many Free WordPress Themes are waiting for you to access them. So, don’t miss them!

We’re Digital Content Marketing team from AgeThemes Marketplace. We provide quality content for everyone who using open source CMS like Joomla and WordPress. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free leave your comment, we happy to assist you asap.

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