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Sometimes the hardest part about being a successful dropshipper is trying to find out which products are going to sell and, in return, make you some money. The best thing you can do for yourself as a current or future dropshipper is to stay up to date on trends and learn what’s in high demand.

But, for right now, we’ve done all of the work and research for you. Here’s some of the best items that every dropshipper can make money off of in 2020, all of which can be found directly at SaleSource.

Fitness Trackers

A global pandemic with many nationwide quarantine orders has got so many consumers exercising from the comfort of their own home. But how are many of these new fitness buffs keeping track of their heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and miles ran? With a fitness tracker!

Fitbit first popularized the fitness tracker scene and features on the Apple watch soon followed suit. These days, there are hundreds of different fitness tracking products coming from various suppliers across the web that it should be no problem to find a few high quality items to sell and dropship to your customers.

Wireless Chargers

Although the technology is nothing new, 2020 has seen an explosion in popularity for wireless charging products. This boom could be a result of manufacturers pushing their technology on consumers by offering products that will only charge wireless.

Regardless of why they are popular isn’t totally relevant. The main point is that they are popular, and if you aren’t selling them then you may be missing out on some easy money.

Bluetooth Speakers

Again, not exactly brand new technology, but sales of bluetooth speakers have grown in popularity by about 83% from 2019 to 2020. This is a huge increase seeing as the bluetooth speaker industry has kept a steady 11% growth rate since their introduction to the consumer electronics market. For more info check out our guide here.

Spin Cleaners / Spin Scrubbers

It’s not really a mop, nor can it really be compared to a swiffer, a spin scrubber is kind of in it’s own little category of cleaning products. These items are easy to find suppliers for and the high competition means pricing is pretty competitive.

Cleaning products like spin scrubbers sell really well for dropshippers who can get some good before and after pictures, or even a video of the item being used. Cleaning is nothing new, but a spin scrubber adds a sort of novelty feel to doing housework and chores.

Teeth Whitening Products

Social media has got consumers obsessing over their appearance. With millions of people chasing unrealistic expectations, you can be sure they are seeking out ways to improve their image. Professional teeth whitening can run $1200+ per session, and this high price point makes teeth whitening products a hot commodity in the dropshipping market.

Shower Head Wraps

We’re rounding out our list with a unique product whose popularity is growing immensely among both ladies and guys with long hair. Coming fresh out of the shower, those blessed with a full head of hair won’t have to worry about that awkward process of wrapping their hair up in a towel. They work almost like a hat and offer an instant head wrap that will stay in place as your hair dries.

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