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Trying to create a logo from scratch is like trying to build a house without the proper tools. You may make something that looks sort of like it’s supposed to, but eventually, it will all come crashing down if you don’t know what you are doing. Today, we will show you how to design an awesome logo for any company using these¬†ingredients for a successful logo.

You will learn important concepts that all world famous brands use in their logos. For instance, you’ll get to see why the Coca-Cola logo is such a classic, and why the Burger King logo makes you so hungry. You’ll find out how to appeal to your audience using the same design psychology as brands like Red Bull and Adidas. Or learn why a simple design works better than a complicated one, with the help of TV giant HBO.

Discover these and other important logo design concepts in the image below!

How to Design an Awesome Company Logo

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