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How to Turn Your Tech Passion into a Career?

No matter what age you are, you will already be familiar with the phrase ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ It sounds almost too good to be true. However, with tech, it really is possible, but how do you do it?

You need to be prepared to alter how you think about your hobby. Something that you enjoy doing can feel very different when you have deadlines, numbers to crunch, and customers and clients to keep happy.

Your end goal is to have a profitable tech business, but how are you going to achieve it? You need to have a plan in place to help you get there. Here’s a guide to turning your tech hobby into a money-making career:

Step 1 – Research

You need to know that there is a market for the skills that you have. So, the first step, as with any new venture, is to extensively research the niche that you are going to be targeting. You need to be clear that there is a calling for your specific specialism, who your ideal and target customers are, and how you can market your new business to them.

Step 2 – Network

Even before you have made final decisions about the products or services that you are going to offer, make contact with people who will be able to help your venture grow. By developing a network of people within the industry, you will be able to gain valuable insights and information from the tech community about running a business.

Networking is a great way to build relationships with key industry players, and if you are lucky, you may be able to identify someone to ask to mentor you in business. The community that you join will also be able to keep you at the forefront of industry innovations and news – the time you put into networking can pay dividends.

Step 3 – Invest

Spend time to identify and define exactly the products or services that you are going to focus on. You may need to invest in specialist hardware or software, but the good news is that you can access an economical professional PCB design tool and get good deals on hardware so that you have the critical tools you need for your business.

Step 4 – Test

Before you start promoting your services, test out your concept. This is a low-cost but effective way to make sure that you have the capabilities to provide the services that you are offering. By testing your services, you may find that you are undercharging, that you can improve on your processes, or that there is a gap in what you are offering.

Step 5 – Get Social

Social media is powerful and a free way to connect with your target audience. Choose the platform that is most aligned with where your customer’s hang out. B2B? Use LinkedIn. Or perhaps your services are for the domestic audience, so Facebook or even Pinterest would be appropriate. The important thing is that you post regular and engaging content. Social media is the best way to build a sustainable business and harness the power of inbound leads.

Starting a tech business can feel daunting, but by following these steps you have a clear pathway to follow. You are now ready to join this exciting and innovative industry.


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