How To Create Joomla 3 Backup

5.0 01 Learn How To Create Joomla 3 Backup In this post, we show you how to create Joomla 3 Backup manually, because there are many bad thing that could happen yo your website, such as, an extension can malfunction, some of your code can break or even your website get hacked. So creating a Joomla […]

Seamless Glitter Free Textures

0.0 00 Introduction Of Seamless Glitter Free Textures Hi guys! Let’s what we have for you today! A set of 8 unique glitter free textures, with 3 color variations each, seamless sparkly gold, rose gold and silver glitter textures. These textures are ideal for backgrounds and overlaying on text or shapes for an artsy, handcrafted feel. […]